How to “Score” Free BitCoins

If you want to experiment with BitCoins, but aren’t willing to risk your money (who can blame you?), there are many sites that give away small amounts of BTC for free, typically in exchange for solving a captcha.

There are other lists of these sites, but they usually embed the outgoing links so that you have to go via various advertising sites first. The following links go directly to the “faucet” sites, and have been checked to work as of May 2013. These are all solve captcha sites that take a few seconds each – I deliberately didn’t include a second class of free BTC sites that require you to surf through ads of various kinds to “earn” BTC.

If you know of any additional sites, or if any of the ones below are broken, please let me know.

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Sites that you can use every half hour:

Hourly sites:

Daily sites:

Occasional (only when they have BTC “loaded”):