This page is going to be the generic go-to place for a number of items that we’re making freely available to the public. We’ll try and keep things organized, but this is fairly miscellaneous material, including free ebooks, plugins, and software that we intend to release under some form of public license.

1) Free EBooks

How to Budget for SEO: A free ebook

We get a large number of requests for information about search engine optimization. Sometimes its people asking for a quote for us to perform SEO services for them, and other times its customers asking us whether the services that somebody is providing for them are fairly priced. The 8-page ebook “How to Budget for SEO” gives a quick overview of the kinds of activities that SEO companies tend to perform on behalf of their clients, and gives some examples of how you – the customer – can assemble a campaign that will fit your requirements. A couple of generic pricing examples are shown. Click here to download.

2) Free Software

Coming Soon: over the years, we’ve created a number of modules for payment processing, as well as integration with other web-based systems. We’re currently looking into whether we can publish them here, and whether that would contravene any of the underlying licenses. Stay tuned…