How I Find Blogging Ideas

This is #9 on Chris Brogan’s 100 Blog Topics list, and is part of the 100 Topics Challenge.

Over the years I’ve had more than my share of writer’s block. I’ve found that I tend to go through short periods of intense activity, where I write a vast amount – articles, blogs, lyrics etc – followed by years of “drought”.

One strategy that I have adopted is to work with lists wherever possible. I use them to generate ideas for material (you need only look at the top of this blog entry to see an example), as well as to help structure longer pieces (there’s nothing like a well structured list of chapters for helping in the process of writing a book).

For blogging purposes, keeping a close eye on the news is also useful. There’s nothing like writing about something currently interesting to people when it comes to attracting attention to a blog. However, my gut feeling is that writing only about topical subjects means that the material will rapidly become dated. If you use this approach, make sure that you also write about enduring topics.

As somebody who writes largely about business-related topics, I draw much of my material from my day to day experience running businesses. A good way to find topics to write about is to draw on your own life. If you use this approach, a good strategy is to learn to allow your own “voice” to come through in your writing. Your unique voice and personality is powerful. Write about the things you feel strongly about: things that you love or hate, things that amuse or horrify you.

A final way to find topics: ask people what they want to read about.

6 responses on “How I Find Blogging Ideas

  1. Thom Allen

    Hey Jeremy,

    I also have used many of Chris Brogan’s 100 Blog Topics as basis for several of my posts. I also add ideas to the list as I’m out reading other blogs and news sites.

    I think having a list to work from is great to keep writers block out. You can also create blog series easier this way. Anyway, appreciate you post here.

    Thom Allen

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Tom!

      Chris’s list is an incredible motherlode of topics. That’s one of the reasons why I keep plugging it like a stuck record.

      If I was more creative, I would come up with a list like that too!

    1. admin Post author

      That’s an excellent idea as well Daniel.

      I’ve done that periodically as well, and I think I need to start getting more organized along those lines. After all, what’s the point in carrying around a notepad with me if I don’t use it!

  2. sol

    Less conventional ways to get blogging topic ideas:

    – With your eyes closed, flip to a random page in the dictionary (or some other book if you’d prefer) and write about the word on the top left corner.

    – Use an Ouija board to spell out a topic 😛

    – Write a Random Blog Topic Generator (I think I may have to creatively repurpose my Random Conspiracy Generator).

    – Pick an editorial / opinion essay at random and argue the opposite view.

    – Build up a blog entry around one or more of the phrases found here:
    (the blog entry can’t be nonsense!)