Plus One

Finally got signed up with Google Plus on the weekend.

My reaction so far is mixed.

Its certainly interesting to be able to follow some very influential people, but not going to be feasible to actually strike up a meaningful conversation with them, as far as I can tell. Too many people talking, but few listening.

I’ll probably check in from time to time to see how things are progressing. Google has promised a large number of new features, and they look like they’re integrating it very cleanly into other tools, particularly Gmail.

I always wonder about sites that are focused on Twitter-like feeds though. To my mind, that functionality basically forms the same purpose as RSS feeds. Its just crying out to be aggregated, and then where does that leave the feed sites, or the individual content creators?

Don’t get me wrong: it looks to be a useful tool. I’ve already implemented the +1 tool on this blog. Unless there’s going to be more to it though, there isn’t going to be a pressing need for me to login frequently.