Website Launch Checklist

A few websites that my company has been working on have launched in the past few weeks. I’ve got a few “secret sauce” activities that I do whenever I launch a new website, such as:

  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Install webmaster tools and sitemap for the site
  • Bookmark it on some social clipping sites
  • Tweet it
  • Create a account and some of the key accounts that it supports
  • Try to create a few incoming links using free directory sites
  • Put out a press release

I’d be interested to heard what things you do when you launch a new website.

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One response on “Website Launch Checklist

  1. VoodooWoohoo

    I usually sacrifice a chicken just inside the cemetery gate a little before midnight the night before launch. So far, it seems to work alright, but I’ll try some of your tips too, they also sound good.