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Office Update

Our office is starting to look a little bit more business-like and comfortable. The other day we actually had a water-cooler conversation. The reception desk is courtesy of Erez at MIT Consulting, who didn’t need it any more. Moving it required a bit of “sweat equity”.

[Sorry – due to a server move, the photo gallery is temporarily broken]

Office Pics

A few people have asked me for photos. Below are a couple from the old office, and then snapshots of what the move looked like, and what the office looks like with everything set up. I’ve obscured people’s faces to protect the identity of the innocent…

Our old basement office...
Old office - some of our staff hard at work
Old office - some of our staff hard at work
Another view of the old office
Another view of the old office
Moving into the new office
Moving into the new office
Moving in. Note the drywall dust on the floor from our cable drops.
Moving in. Note the drywall dust on the floor from our cable drops.
Our new "patch bay" for the network
Our new "patch bay" for the network
New office - hard at work again!
New office - hard at work again!

New Office

We’re in the process of setting up and moving into our new offices. We should be fully moved in by early next week.

Automating Show Recording

We have a customer who has a radio show, which we’ve been recording and posting up to her website for a while. We were using a Windows box with an ancient version of Replay Radio to do the recording daily, and then every few days we used an audio program to compress the files down in size, and then ftp’ed them up, after which we had to manually go into the database to add them into a list. As you can imagine, a bit time consuming.

I finally got around to automating the process using Linux.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a shell script that records the show using mplayer
  2. Create a shell script to stop the recording
  3. Create yet another shell script to upload the file using ftp
  4. Create a php script to check the remote upload folder, and add new files into the database
  5. Create a shell script to run the remote batch checker using curl
  6. Set everything up in cron

Took me a bit of time to get it all right, but that’s going to save a whole bunch of time later on.

I’ll give details in another post if anyone is interested.

QR Tags

QR Tag
QR Tag

The odd looking image here isn’t a Rorschach blot.

Its actually a QR code, something that is old news in Japan, but never quite managed to take off in North America.

In this particular case, assuming you had a QR code reader (in Japan apparently most cell phones do), the image encodes a link back to this website.

If you want one of your own, you can go here to get one:

Now I just need to figure out how to get my phone to read them…

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Books You Wish You Hadn’t Read

Ever read a book and then wish you hadn’t? Not because the book is bad, but rather because you realize that somebody has already beaten you to the punch?

40th Anniversary of First Lunar Landing

Forty years ago today, Neil Armstrong landed on the moon for the first time. The last lunar landing took place in 1972, before I was born. Here’s looking forward to a return.

Alexa Rating

We’ve finally broken through the one million ranking for Alexa. For those not familiar with it, provides rankings which sites have the highest traffic – the lower the number, the better. It isn’t necessarily accurate, but it is nice to watch as the site’s traffic slowly climbs.

New Website Pages

We’ve added a number of new pages to the website over the past few days, and we will probably be tweaking things further as we have time. I’ve been working on the process as a low priority level with Martin (one of my staff who happens to have a marketing background and excellent writing skills) for a few weeks now. As usual, comments are welcome.

Quick Update

I’m almost done with the next chapter of the ebook. Need to do one more revision and then I’ll post it up here. Been a little bogged down with work, so my apologies if the blog is looking a little stale of late.